Tourists and Travel Agencies

Tourists and Travel Agencies

LightBringer is a great travel companion that will allow you to enjoy your holiday, hikes, pilgrimages, school trips and business trips with a sense of peace and safety. LightBringer is form of insurance for customers and organisers: by using the bracelet you can protect up to 128 travellers for each station (starting in 2017) simultaneously and with discretion, care and reliability. No one will ever get lost again and in case of illness the alarms are instantaneous.
LightBringer has been designed to be effective in protecting the health of the wearer. It works with remarkable accuracy when you are on the move, on holiday by the sea or in the mountains, when visiting a foreign country, in the city or surrounded by nature. LightBringer protects and safeguards as a guardian angel when you are in unknown places to make your new travel experience safe and allow you to focus only on the pleasure of experiencing it.


19 December 2016


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