The LightBringer application on the smartphone (Android and iOS) and the DreamWeaver bracelet work in synergy, with mobile data or WiFi active, and with the following characteristics:

  • Once you have registered to the service the application is easy to use
  • It is independently called the operations center
  • The motion sensor is always active
  • The localisation is accurate
  • The measurement of the body temperature is always active
  • The measurement of the heart rate is constant and continuous
  • It is equipped with a proximity sensor
  • It is equipped with an anti[w2] -panic button
  • In case of an alarm the user will be warned by audible and visible signals on the smartphone


It is a paid service, with the following characteristics:

  • It is a 24/7 service
  • The operator will answer in the client's language (at the moment there are some limitations to the languages available)
  • The service is effective and it works worldwide
  • The alarm is detected automatically by the Operations Centre
  • The emergency management is operated end-to-end
  • The false alarms are verified
  • It is designed to facilitate rescue operations
  • It is designed to transmit to the rescuers some fundamental information (blood group, allergies, pathologies, eventual medicines needed), always respecting the privacy of the users 
Disponibile su Google Play
Disponibile su Google Play

Safety and Rescue

LightBringer is your guardian angel

What LightBringer is

LightBringer has been conceived and designed to protect people in their everyday lives. It takes care of us and our loved ones like a silent guardian angel.
LightBringer is a security and protection service which allows you to be monitored and protected by simply wearing a device connected to a smartphone. LightBringer can be strategically adopted by mining and extractive industries as well as energy industries, insurance companies, private security companies and Departments of Defence, but first of all it is a product which gives all of us the chance to protect our loved ones, our children, the older people and the people with disabilities; it is a protection available for everyone, every day.
LightBringer can monitor several biometric parameters in real time and throughout the day. In according to these measurements it can rapidly recognise and manage potential situations of risk and, if necessary, it can automatically trigger a prompt intervention.

How it works

LightBringer is a protection service at your disposal 24-hours a day. The sensors collect data in real time which is constantly processed according to specific algorithms. Whenever an anomaly emerges from these elaborations, the data is transmitted to the Operations Centre along with the geolocation and, if necessary, the route covered in the last hour by those who need help. LightBringer transmits to the server the data collected by the sensors on the smartphone and on the DreamWeaver bracelet:  the position, the movements, the acceleration and the temperature of the skin. In order to use LightBringer, just open the application, create a user account, fill in the registration form, and let it being your guardian angel. 
Thanks to its specific algorithms, LightBringer raises an alarm whenever it detects anomalies in the combination of values that come from the sensors. 
The alarm signals are shown on the smartphone, if this has been configured. Furthermore, if the service is active, the alarm is sent to the Operations Centre.


The DreamWeaver

In addition to software, there's hardware too. And the Lightbringer service uses a hardware designed and produced by us, all Made in Italy, according to our ideas.


  • Battery life 5 days
  • Medical grade sensors
    • heartbeat with beat-to-beat detection
    • skin surface temperature (-35°C - 100°C)
    • proximity
    • detection of accidents and falls automatic switch
  • Non allergenic medical grade
  • Panic button
  • Water resistant - IP67


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